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ZenfanvilaZ holds a Health Day at Morcellement St André

In the context of the Breast Cancer Awareness month, ZenfanvilaZ, a recently founded association based in the North, organised a Health Day on Saturday 9 October at the Morcellement St André Village Hall and Community Centre.

90 men and women of the locality benefited from various free health services on that day. 45 women were screened by Link to Life, our main partner for this event. All beneficiaries were offered the following health services: Diabetes Screening and Counselling, Hypertension Screening and General Check-up by Diase and Eye Check-up by Dr Boodoo-Venkama.

The president of ZenfanvilaZ, Nishta Jooty-Needroo, stated that by bringing these services freely at the doorsteps of the locals, the members of ZenfanvilaZ have been able to make a difference in the beneficiaries’ life and hence achieve the aim of the association which is to serve people by doing meaningful projects in the community.

The next event of ZenfanvilaZ is a mega blood donation at Mahogany Mall on 20 November 2021. ZenfanvilaZ has an ongoing project of book donations to students coming from needy and vulnerable families and is also planning to set up booknests in various spots in the region.

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