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Young Smiljaana turns her passion into entrepreneurship


She is a young woman entrepreneur with a passion for stylish wear. Charismatic, independent, enthusiastic and of compassionate nature, she spends hours browsing catalogues and fashion magazines to draw inspiration for her collection. She first started doing crochet works until she diversified into other styles. Meet Smiljaana, a woman with a class.



Smiljaana came to Mauritius from UK after she got married to a Mauritian. She instantly loved the country and readily adopted it as her new home. She quickly adapted to the local culture and lifestyle. As she gradually learnt about local traditions, she found out the real beauty of the island lies in its multiculturalism and this also means a colourful variety of dressing styles that matches each and every festivals and other happenings on the island.

Smiljaana decided to launch her own enterprise and turned her passion into business: She started crochet works, initially making mainly baby outfits. This was an opportunity to turn her idle time into productive means, as well as contributing to the local dress culture. As her products gained popularity through her facebook pages, under the name of Sparking Angel, her customer base and fan following grew steadily over a few years.

Smiljaana then started dealing in ladies outfits, designer clothing and other classy wear. She does her marketing solely on social media and her customers reach her through word of mouth. Her satisfied customers proudly recommend her to their circles and that’s how she keeps her small enterprise going. “I don’t have that many customers, I rather have a small pool of customers who keep coming back to me. I am thus able to sustain my business,” she tells us. But why doesn’t she expand her business, increase her production, avail herself of all the facilities offered by the government to small and medium entrepreneurs? To this she explains that she does not really want to be a ‘businesswoman’ and she loathes the idea of one day managing a large enterprise, with all the stress that accompanies it. “I prefer to remain a small enterprise, with my small customer base. It’s almost a personal relationship with each of them, I understand their needs, they like my products and it’s a mutual trust. If I grow my business, I will not be able to keep that personal touch.” Nevertheless, she understands that she needs to keep innovating in order to remain competitive.

“The Covid-19 situation has obviously had a huge impact on business. Even some of my clients are affected as many lost their jobs or have seen their income reduced. Demand for luxury wear will fall, so we have to adapt to the situation by proposing different kinds of affordable wear that remain classy,” she tells us.

And what does she do when she is not crafting and designing? Smiljaana has two kids who take up most of her time, and the good news is that a third is on the way! She has a loving family and has many friends in Mauritius. Her hobbies are swimming, travelling, admiring local landscapes and beaches, reading magazines, taking hotel vacations and flying. And yes, she is also a good cook, she reminds us.

How does she find Mauritius? After spending nearly a decade here, she is well used to island life and also understand and speaks creole. She misses her country but she finds Mauritius a real paradise. “Mauritius is a real paradise. Mauritians do not adequately realise what they have got. It’s not about money and wealth, it’s about the peace of mind, tranquility, freedom that one may not find in any other country. Mauritius is also very beautiful and many of us here fail to take the time to admire our natural landscape and realise how lucky we are to be living here.” Smiljaana finds our people very friendly. She recommends all her relatives and friends living abroad to visit Mauritius.

Ki News wishes Smiljaana plenty of success in her entrepreneurial venture. Here are some samples of her products. More information is available on her facebook page: Sparkling Angel



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