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Will Europe’s football season restart when coronavirus lockdowns end?

This time of year is usually the most exciting for football supporters as club seasons approach their climax, with league titles up for grabs and promotion and relegation battles fought out.

Instead, stadiums lie empty and players and fans alike are confined to their homes amid coronavirus lockdowns, leaving end-of-season tussles in suspense.

Earlier this month UEFA indefinitely suspended the Champions League, Europa League and Euro 2020 qualifying playoffs.

But as governments consider easing restrictions on movement in the coming weeks, football authorities are considering ways to revive and save their seasons.

The English Premier League held a two-hour meeting on Friday (April 17), with discussions including the question of how to complete the 92 remaining fixtures.

But although clubs remain committed to finishing the 2019-20 season, a previously-raised potential deadline of June 30 was reportedly not debated.

The meeting came the day after the British government announced a three-week extension to the coronavirus lockdown.

Earlier this month the Premier League said it would not resume the season until it was “safe and appropriate to do so”.

Individually, teams have either nine or 10 matches left to play. Liverpool — aiming for the club’s first league title for 30 years — are top of the table with a commanding 25-point lead over Manchester City.

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