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Proactive measures containing virus spread, says Govt

The repatriation of Mauritian citizens stranded in France due to the lockdown has begun and all 29 passengers who landed on Sunday morning from Paris have been placed under quarantine.
On Sunday, one new positive case was recorded. However, the number of successfully treated patients stands at 299 from the 332 positive cases registered in Mauritius till date.
The declining number of positive cases indicate that the proactive measures put in place by the Government have so far been efficient in containing the spread of the virus.
As at date, there remains only 21 active cases. The Ministry of Health has conducted 14,445 tests to date. The total number of Covid-19 related deaths is 9.

The Civil Status Office has released comparative figures on the number deaths during the first four months in 2019 and 2020. No abnormal trend has been noted.

Number of deaths:


The ministry of Health has now started mass testing of all frontline workers (policemen, medical staff, supermarket workers, essential services drivers and officers, scavengers, etc). The Prime Minister had announced that 35,000 frontliners would be tested. The ministry will also effect tests on detainees and residential home residents.

(Photo credit: MBC)

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