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PM discusses Parliament opening with Opposition Leader

Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth met Leader of the Opposition Dr Arvin Boolell on Saturday at the Ex-Treasury Building to discuss modalities of parliament reopening after the lockdown is over. Both leaders agreed on the necessity of strict sanitary measures.

On Tuesday, Dr Arvin Boolell had a meeting via videoconferencing with all Labour MPS to discuss current issues, including making a request to the Speaker for the resumption of Parliament as soon as possible.  He stressed that social distancing should be implemented in Parliament. However, the current parliament setting may not allow a proper social distancing implementation.

The Prime Minister previously stated that it was difficult to run Parliament through other means such as videoconferencing because the necessary technical infrastructure is not in place.

A number of proposals have been made on alternative venues for Parliamentary business. The SVICC at Pailles is considered an appropriate place, until the situation is back to normal.


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