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Official opening of New Supreme Court Building

The new Supreme Court Building was jointly inaugurated, today, through video-conference by the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Home Affairs and External Communications, Minister for Rodrigues, Outer Islands and Territorial Integrity, Mr.  Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, and the Prime Minister of the Republic of India, H. E. Shri Narendra Modi, who intervened  live from New Delhi.
In his address, Prime Minister Jugnauth underlined that  the new Supreme Court Building bears out the depth of Government’s determination and commitment to its modernisation endeavor for the well-being of our people whereby the principles of truth and justice will always triumph.
Speaking about the state-of-the-art building, Prime Minister Jugnauth highlighted that the synergy that will be created in the new Supreme Court building will undoubtedly improve court operations and service to court users. This modern infrastructure will enable the judiciary to take advantage of new technologies to craft innovative and effective measures for making the justice system more efficient, more accessible and more inclusive, stated the Prime Minister.
He underlined that Government’s priorities are guided by the fundamental mission of establishing justice for all citizens, which he said is a shared value with the Government of India.
The Prime Minister emphasised that this partnership marks another momentous day in the relationship between Mauritius and India. It is a fact that India has accompanied Mauritius all along its journey towards socio-economic progress and that the countries’ shared past as well as close economic, cultural, and human ties have forged a deep bond between them.
Mr.  Pravind Kumar Jugnauth expressed gratitude to the Government of India for this project which enables Mauritius today to mark another significant milestone in the modernisation of the country’s infrastructure, while recalling that Mauritius benefited from a grant of 30 million US dollars for this project.
He also spoke of other iconic projects such as the Metro Express and New ENT hospital for which Mauritius benefited from India’s financial support.
Furthermore, Prime Minister Jugnauth commended the efforts of the Government of India for working relentlessly to control the pace and spread of COVID-19 in India, and conveyed his solidarity to its nation.
He lauded the boundless generosity and leadership of India which at the peak of the pandemic did not hesitate to assist countries including Mauritius  which benefited from critical amount of essential medicines, medical equipment as well as ayurvedic medicines and the visit of medical teams during which the two countries shared experiences for the fight against COVID-19.
As for the Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, he underlined that the Government of India feels privileged to support the modernisation development agenda of Mauritius and that the new Supreme Court building is yet another symbol of the two countries’ cooperation and shared values. Both countries, he said, respect the judiciary system which forms an important pillar of the democratic system.
India and Mauritius share not only the waters of the Indian Ocean but also the common heritage of kinship, culture and language, he said.
Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, recalled that the Ind0- Mauritian partnership stretches in other sectors, and that through key projects such as the Metro Express and the New ENT hospital, India is glad to be able to contribute to efforts that will enhance the well-being of the people of Mauritius.
Moreover, he stressed that it was in Mauritius that he had first spoken about India’s vision of ‘SAGAR – Security and Growth for All in the Region’ and that Mauritius is at the heart of India’s approach to the Indian Ocean region.
He underpinned India’s guiding principles to help other countries in their development needs and for the welfare of humanity, while emphasising that its support and assurance do not come with conditions.
The New Supreme Court building
The building covers a surface area of around 4770 m2 and is situated at Corner Edith Cavell and Desroches Streets in Port-Louis. Its 12 floors will house under one roof the civil, criminal, commercial, family and mediation courts, the Chief Justice’s chambers, judges’ chambers and the administration staff. The building is equipped with all modern amenities required for a smooth and effective delivery of justice in the country.
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