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Music, a national need


“Music is a national need” (Ludwig Van Beethoven).

But what is Music? Melody of the heart? Unsaid feelings? Harmony of tenderness? Music does not have a proper definition, it is only an intense rhythm which the whole world needs.

To lay emphasis on the importance of music, Music Day is celebrated annually on the 21st June. Various countries celebrate the World Music Day in several ways.

France organizes street music parties as Music Day celebrations and the parties are vast as people see marvelous music performances cropping up. Trumpets, Saxophones, French Horns, Tubas, numerous musical instruments are played, and people dance along the tune. As per the Minister of Culture, Music Day celebration is nothing greater than sharing the spirit of music, which is a symbol of ambition.

In India, Music is a tradition which connects people across borders.Artists display their musical talent on streets. Music and Arts have been part of Indian traditions for centuries. For example, in Ahmedabad, India, there is the Saptak Annual Festival of Music, which is a one-day event in the month of January, allowing the performance of 130 musicians. Music is approached differently, yet the celebrations of Music Day lay emphasis on how it is a national need.

The purpose behind the celebration of Music Day is to highlight the importance of Music and encourage the public to be more accessible to Music. Every country may be unique due to its Music. For instance, the uniqueness of Mauritians is depicted through Séga. Music Day Celebration in Mauritius as well is a major event. Live performances are organized in Port Louis. The Minister of Arts and Culture organizes musical activities for artists who are otherwise capable, in order to show their musical talents to the world. Music/Dance concerts and competitions are organized as well as various activities related to Music Day celebration.

Indeed, Music Day celebration brings people closer, be it people of different communities, people across borders or people who are otherwise capable. Friedrich Nietzsche says that “without music, life would be a mistake”. Well, Music Day is celebrated because of its vitality and the world do recognize it. Music Day Celebration, one of the festivals which unite people, remains one of the major world-wide celebrations.

Noor- E-Wasifah Krumtally

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