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Gang busted by Moka CID Team

Residents of St Pierre and Petit Verger can now heave a huge relief after the Moka CID Team has successfully busted a gang of robbers that was causing havoc in the region. A delicate operation carried out by WPI Raymond and PS Raymond, under the supervision of DASP Buchoo and the collaboration of the entire Moka CID Team proved to be fruitful with the arrest of four main culprits, namely Sooriadev B of Quatre Bornes (aged 35), Clement M of Cite Kennedy (aged 31), Baboo Khooshal K of La Caverne (aged 30) and Lalloo K of Mahebourg (aged 48).

The accused have confessed to their crimes, which involve several cases of larceny and breaking-in at St Pierre and the surroundings. Victims include Eshan Snack, Magasin 50 and several residences at Morcellement L’Avenir. The gang also revealed they committed about 10 to 15 robberies in other parts of the island.

The thieves had been operating for quite some time and police officers spent days and nights deciphering vital clues that eventually led to the nabbing of the thugs.  Officers of Curepipe CID also assisted in the operation. Safe City cameras have proved useful in identifying the culprits.

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