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Covid-19 surge: New restrictions in force as from 12 November in Mauritius

Following a surge in the number of positive Covid-19 cases during the past two weeks, the Government of Mauritius has imposed new restrictions as from 6 am on 12 November 2021, in a bid to stop the chain of transmissions.

Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, upon his return from Cop26 Summit in Glasgow, chaired a meeting of the High Level Committee to assess the current situation and came up with the following measures:

  • Gatherings of maximum 50 persons in weddings, funerals, etc and police permission required
  • Sports complex and gyms: access to vaccinated people only
  • Strict usage of sanitizer, mask, social distancing rules
  • Public gardens remain open
  • Fast food open to vaccinated persons only, strict sanitary measures, staff to wear mask and tables to be at least 2 metres apart in a well ventilated area
  • Children’s playground closed
  • All sociocultural activities prohibited
  • Schools closed until further notice, online classes in force
  • Nurseries open
  • Bars and discos closed
  • Concerts and sports competition banned
  • Places of worships with maximum 10 persons allowed
  • Racecourse operational but no public attendance
  • Beaches open but no picnic allowed
  • Work from home encouraged

All these restrictions shall be in force until 13 December 2021 and depending on the evolution of the situation, government may take new decisions.

Police will conduct regular checks to ensure full compliance.  In his televised address, the Prime Minister has made an appeal to the population to cooperate and to comply in order to overcome the Covid-19 crisis. He recalled how such measures worked in the past and highlighted how indifference and imprudence has caused an escalation of virus infections, especially during the past public holidays. About 1,856 cases have been detected in schools, colleges and universities since 18 October 2021.

No new measure has been announced concerning border movements. Apart from the above restrictions, it’s business as usual and Mauritius continues to attract tourists and investors to its shores. The island remains a safe destination despite the recent increasing number of cases and the government is confident it will contain the propagation.

As at Wednesday 10 November, a total of 869,629 persons have had two doses vaccination. The vaccination programme continues and a 3rd dose is also available to those who want it.



(Picture courtesy: MBC TV)

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