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Synthetic drug-addict son kills mother over brawl

Residents of Morcellement Frangipane, Circonstance, St Pierre are praising the Moka CID team for quick elucidation of the horrendous crime committed in their neighbourhood. The body of Mrs Ameena Yadun, 56, an Educator at Aleemiah College, Phoenix, was recovered in a sugarcane field at Cote D’Or on Tuesday night. The killer is none other than her own son, Altaf Futloo, 29. Apparently, mother and son had a dispute that turned violent after the lady refused to give money to the son who is a drug addict.

Altaf Futloo, the accused

Following a report of a ‘missing person’ on Monday night, the CID Team visited the victim’s house to search for clues.  Residents of the area gathered outside the house followed the unfolding of the events. According the them, the first two officers on the scene, PC Mootoosamy and PC Khayrattee of Moka CID and PS Ramdhanee of St Pierre police and his team immediately suspected foul play after seeing the state of the house. The victim’s son told police his mum had been missing since Sunday. However, the house appeared to have been recently cleaned with detergents. Upon questioning, the son explained that his mother had cleaned the house the day before.


The crime scene at Residence Frangipane, Circonstance

As further inspection revealed the presence of blood stain, the two officers informed their superiors and called for scientific officers and other CID officers for further examination and the son was taken to the police station for interrogation. The officers worked throughout the night to counter-check the son’s version against other evidence such as information from neighbours, CCTV footage and the son’s history. The collaboration of residents has also proved crucial in assisting the CID team to elucidate the crime within 24 hours.

At a time when the credibility of the police is at a low, especially with current cases in the news, it is very welcoming and encouraging to note how the CID worked professionally and fast to catch the real criminal. When the police do a good work, it must be recognized and they must be congratulated. We hope the new Commissioner of Police takes note and further inspire his officers,” residents of Residence Frangipane told the press.

The accused has been arrested and charged of murder before the Moka District Court and has been refused bail. The investigation is ongoing.

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