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NTC launches 15-seater vans to serve remote villages

Residents of St Hubert, Carreau Acacia and nearby villages in the south can heave a huge sigh of relief. The National Transport Corporation has launched a new public service using 15-seater vans equipped with GPS and CCTV to run on those routes where it is uneconomical to operate regular buses. This innovative service will later expand to other remote areas where there is a dire need of transport facilities.

The launch of this service was done at Rose Belle Traffic Centre in the presence of NTC Managing Director Mr Rao Ramah, the Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail Hon Alan Ganoo, the Minister of Financial Services and Good Governance – Hon Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, the Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development – Hon Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram, the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation – Hon Jean Christophe Stephan Toussaint and Hon Mrs Navina Ramyead, Miss Teena Jutton and Mr Kavi Doolub.

Residents of these villages have for long been complaining about inadequate transport services.  This new service is part of the NTC’s strategy to innovate and improve its services.

Hon Alan Ganoo speaking at the launching ceremony

Hon Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram


Hon Jean Christophe Stephan Toussaint

Hon Mahen Seruttun


The National Transport Corporation (NTC) was set up as a corporate body to operate public transport services in Mauritius by an Act of Parliament (The National Transport Corporation Act 1979) on the 24th April 1979. It started its operations on the12th March 1980. The share capital of the Corporation is fully owned by the Government. From modest beginning, after taking over the assets of the ex-Vacoas Transport Co Ltd., the NTC has grown into the largest public transport operator in Mauritius.

Managing Director Rao Ramah delivering his speech

Living up to its vision which is “To be an innovative and caring public transport service provider in Mauritius’, the National Transport Corporation has a fleet of about 540 buses, employs nearly 2,300 workers, carries more than 140,000 passengers daily and its buses cover 27 million kilometres a year.

Photo courtesy: GIS

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