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Mauritius goes into lockdown until 25th March 2021


Friday 12 March 2021 1800hrs

No new case registered during the day, the total remains at 99



Friday 12 March 2021 0800hrs

43 new cases, bringing the total number of local cases to 99.


Thursday 11 March 2021 18.00hrs

19 new cases detected. Total number of positive cases is now 52.

More restriction on travelling as from midnight today in the regions of Curepipe, Floreal, Vacoas, Wooton, Forest Side as most cases are concentrated in these areas.



Thursday 11 March 2021 10.00AM

Two new Covid-19 cases detected. Total number of local cases is now 33

Mauritius has gone into nationwide lockdown on Wednesday 10 March 2021 as from 0600hrs following an increase in the number of local COVID-19 cases. This was announced on MBC TV by the Prime Minister, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth on Tuesday night.

Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth announcing a new lockdown on MBC TV on Tuesday night

The measure will remain in effect until March 25. Under the new directive, all educational institutions and non-essential businesses will close while essential businesses such as filling stations, pharmacies, bakeries and supermarkets will be allowed to open but with strict sanitary measures in place. Essential services, including police, health services, fire services, pharmacies, retail distribution chains, airports, and seaports will remain open.

This is the second time the island is going into lockdown, after the first one was imposed in March 2020 and which lasted for nearly 3 months. In addition to the new lockdown order, all incoming commercial passenger flights remain suspended through mid-March.

The country was Covid-free since long, except imported cases which were at first quarantined and then transferred to a dedicated hospital for appropriate care. There was no local contamination thanks to strict measures put in place by the government. However, a new first local case was detected on 5 March 2021. The patient, an employee of a fruit distributor, has not travelled abroad and has not been into contact with any incoming passenger. The authorities are intrigued as to how he got contaminated. At first, they suspected he could have been infected by being in contact with the packaging of fruits freshly imported from South Africa, but many medical experts have ruled this as unlikely.

Within hours, all the 330 workers of the company were put into quarantine and tested. Another three cases were detected. However, more cases came to light from what appeared to be another cluster, and the number rose to 31 within five days. All the cases are located within the areas of Curepipe and Floreal in the centre of the island.

Fearing that the figure may rise, the government imposed a national lockdown, an experience that the nation is now familiar with, making it easy for the government to manage the situation.


Official Communique – Temporary Confinement due to COVID-19
(A) Complete Confinement on 10 March 2021
• No activity and the population in the Island of Mauritius to remain indoors.
• Essential services that will operate on 10 March 2021 :
(a) Health services.
(b) Fire services.
(c) Police services.
(d) Petrol facilities.
(e) Security services.
(f) Pharmacy services.
(g) Retail distribution chain.
• Activities not authorised/ Access not granted :
(a) Transport services.
(b) Public places including beaches.
(c) Markets, cinema, discotheque, gymnasium and hairdressing salons.
(d) Cultural and sports activities.
(e) No public gathering (religious or socio-cultural).
(f) Commercial centres, shopping malls, shops, meat shops, food courts, restaurants.
(g) Banks.
• Restriction on the number of persons attending marriages and funerals.
• The COVID vaccination exercise will not be held. A new calendar is being worked out.
(B) Thursday 11 March to Thursday 25 March 2021
• Services that will operate but access will be in alphabetical order :
− Supermarkets
− Shops
− Bakeries
− Superettes
− Banks
− Meat shops.
• Alphabetical order will be as follows –
A – F : Monday and Thursday
G – N : Tuesday and Friday
O – Z : Wednesday and Saturday
• The above services will be closed on Sunday.
• PSAC Examinations will be postponed to a later date.
• Cambridge International Examinations will be held as scheduled.
• Activities not authorised/ Access not granted :
(a) Transport services.
(b) Public places including beaches.
(c) Markets, cinema, discotheque, gymnasium and hairdressing salons.
(d) Cultural and sports activities.
(e) No public gathering (religious and socio-cultural).
(f) Commercial centres, shopping malls, food courts, restaurants.
• Restriction on the number of persons attending marriages and funerals.



In line with the decision of Government to order temporary restrictions of movement as from 06 00 hrs on 10 March 2021 under the Quarantine Act 2020 as published in General Notice 467 of 2021, the National Land Transport Authority (NLTA) informs the public that, until further notice, the following will come into force:
A. Public Transport facilities
Bus Services
1. As from Monday, 15 March 2021, there will be a skeleton bus service in operation islandwide. Buses will operate along all major routes on a restricted basis from 06 00 hrs to 20 00 hrs.
2. Passengersshallhavetoabidebyallsanitarymeasuresonboardbuses.Social distancing in buses shall have to be observed by using only unrestricted seats. Face masks have to be worn during the whole trip.
3. Passengers at bus stops and bus stations shall have to respect social distancing while queuing up.
1. As from Monday 15 March 2021, taxi operations will resume subject to observance of sanitary measures.
2.Only three (3) passengers will be allowed in a taxi, one next to the driver and two on the rear seat. In case of a seven-seater taxi, up to a maximum of 4 passengers may be accommodated during a trip.
3. Face masks will have to be worn by all occupants.
B. Petrol Service Stations
1. As from Thursday, 11 March 2021, Petrol Service Stations will be opened between 06 00 hrs and 18 00 hrs during the whole week.
C. Extension of delays for licences
1. Renewals of all Public Service Vehicle Licences and Road Service Licences will be extended up to 31 August 2021.
2. Implementation of Contract Car and Contract bus Licences have been extended up to 31 August 2021.
3. Renewals of licences for Petrol Service Stations shall be extended up to 31 August 2021 subject to a valid Fire Services Certificate.
4. Motor Vehicle Licences (MVLs) expiring on the last day of February 2021 shall be extended up to 31 August 2021 subject to the vehicle having a valid insurance cover. Upon renewal, arrears will have to be paid as from the expiry date, without any surcharge. However, after 31 August 2021, an expired MVL shall be subject to the applicable surcharge.
5. Where the Certificate of Fitness of a vehicle has lapsed or will lapse during the temporary restrictions of movement period, the vehicle will be allowed on the road only in exceptional circumstances, that is, in case of a person holding a valid work permit access delivered by the Commissioner of Police, a medical emergency, or where a person has to purchase essential food items or necessities, subject to the vehicle having a valid insurance cover.
The NLTA reserves the right to revise the above at any given time in consequence to the evolution of the sanitary situation, without prejudice to any concerned party.
The NLTA relies upon the cooperation of the public.
10 March 2021


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